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Dr.Kamran Jazayeri MD

Dr.Kamran Jazayeri MD

Dr.Kamran Jazayeri MD


Board certified Dermatologist.

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Jazayeri is graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences and is Board certified in Dermatology .

During the past 15 years he has run an active private practice performing Hair Transplantation and dermatologic cosmetic surgery. He has lectured and performed wokshops in many meetings in Iran and internationally about hair transplantation . He is a member of International Society of Hair Restoration surgery (ISHRS) and serves as a committee member in the Curriculum committee of ISHRS which reviews the theorical subjects essential for the surgeons to study about Hair transplanttation surgery .

He was Board Certified by American Board of Hair Restoration (ABHRS) in 2010 and since then he has serverd many times as the examiner for the that Board . Currently he is a member of Board of Directors of American Board of Hair Restoration.

He is a. permanent member of the Asian Association of hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS)and also serve as a BOG member of Board of Governors of AAHRS .

His practice is mostly focused on Hair transplant surgery and he performs both FUT ( strip Harvesting ) and FIT ( follicular isolation technique ) or FUE ( follicular unit extraction ) . He also performs Facial (beard transplant) , eyebrow transplant .