Ear,Nose And Throat

Caring and comprehensive treatment of the ear, nose, and throat.

We hear you. All the technology and advanced techniques in the world take a backseat to good listening. That’s why our ear, nose, and throat doctors spend time truly understanding what you need. Finding the right solution for you is what motivates the team at Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat.

  • Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat ear doctors and licensed audiologists diagnose your hearing loss or balance problems, suggesting affordable hearing aids, if needed. We focus on the prevention, identification, assessment, and non-medical treatment of hearing disorders.
  • Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat sinus doctors use the latest in sinus infection treatment to reduce sinus problems, provide relief from nasal congestion, and improve breathing. If minimally invasive sinus surgery is necessary, our goal is reduced pain and a fast recovery.
  • Bellin Health Ear, Nose & Throat throat doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating problems in the neck area, including any thyroid, voice problems & hoarseness, snoring disorders, and swallowing difficulties.


This procedure is done for patients with perforated tympanic membrane and chronic otitis media. In this procedure, infection and mucosal disease is eradicated, diseased mastoid air cells removed, and tympanic membrane reconstructed with fascia graft. Success rate is more than 90-95%.


This procedure is done for patients with hearing loss due to stapes ossicular fixation. As this ossicle main function is in conducting sound wave to inner ear, these patients have conductive hearing loss. In this procedure this ossicle is replaced by prosthesis. Success rate is more than 95% in hearing reconstruction.

Tympanomastoidectomy for Cholesteatoma:

This procedure is done for patients with cholesteatoma. These patients have an erosive lytic lesion formed by skin which can cause seriouse problems in ear, facial nerve, even resulting in meningitis or brain abcess formation. This lesion is progressive. With new techniques such as using endoscopes success rate is more than 95-97%.

Facial nerve decompression:

This procedure is done for patients with traumatic facial nerve injury. In head traumas, if sever, temporal bone fracture can occur, and may result in facial nerve injury and face paralysis. This procedure can be used to decompress nerve, or repair it if it is cut. Partial recovery at least, can be expected for most of patients.

Vestibular surgeries:

These procedures are various and done for patients with intractable vertigo of ear origin. These days indications of these surgeries have decreased due to effective medical treatments available. If selection is right these procedures can cause significant relief.

Temporal bone resection:

This procedure is done for patients with temporal bone malignant tumors. If patient is visited in proper time, by this procedure tumor can be removed successfully. However, this procedure sometimes needs removal of auricle, ear canal, or other parts of the ear in order to treat the cancer. Success rate depends on tumor stage and patient’s physical status.

Infratemporal approaches:

These procedures are done for patients with temporal bone and other parts of lateral skull base lesions, such as glomus tumors, schwanoma, and etc. Although these lesions have a high morbidity, of done properly, these procedures can remove the tumor successfully and improve quality of life significantly.

Acoustic schwanoma surgery:

This lesion is a benign brain tumor rising from vestibular nerves. These tumors can have significant morbidity such as hearing loss, facial nerve paralysis, and disequilibrium, especially if become large. These tumors can be removed successfully by micro vascular skull base approaches, with low operation related morbidity.