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about us

about us

The trend of travelling abroad for a cosmetic surgery has become quite popular from the past few years. Because of offering s tandard and high-quality treatment at the lowest possible investment, Persian Clinic has become  the chosen destination for people all around the world who wish to improve their physical appearance. Your comprehensive Health Benefits includes all the necessary inpatient hospital care and outpatient services to promote, preserve, or restore  your health.

Persian Clinic medical facilities provide range of services including traditional hospital-based services such as surgery, critical care, pharmacy and nursing. In addition most of our medical facilities offer additional surgical specialty services and health care treatments, including skin and hair treatment, body detoxification, massage.

Persian Clinic presents a range of comprehensive medical and beauty packages which are custom designed for different age group and disease profiles. Our expert clinicians will advice you on treatment or surgery modifications.

Cosmetic surgery in our clinic is in a continuous increase thanks to the highly qualified doctors and nurses who offers high quality service and care, but also for the extensive infrastructure with cutting-edge medical technology. The entire medical staff here is trained to treat patients with professionalism, warmth and provide the optimum environment for their treatment and recovery.

We are pleased to say that we offer combination packages in three different ways:
  • Packages of one, two, or several plastic surgery procedures.
  • Plastic surgery vacation packages that includes your surgery, spas, tour, transportation, accommodation and more.
  • A combination of two or more surgeries along with a vacation packages for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 
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