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Pre-Surgery Information

Pre-Surgery Information

The surgeon will need supporting information about your symptoms, as well as your general health to determine if surgery is safe and appropriate for you. Your evaluation will include: 
  • Medical History Review
A careful examination and review of your medical history will help the surgeon understand your general medical condition.
  • Medical Documentation Review
You will forward X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, photos, doctor's diagnosis, reports, etc.. to us that will be forwarded to your surgeon for evaluation.
  • Expectation Review
Your surgeon would like to know what your expectation of surgery is. We strive to provide complete satisfaction.


Doctor's Profile

With the presence of many talented and experienced Iranian doctors / surgeons, Persian Clinic in Ukraine is fast proving itself to be a "global medical destination" that offers every treatment under the same roof. Cheap costs coupled with reliable treatment makes our clinic a much -favored destination when it comes to medical tours. Making a Decision to change the way you look by plastic surgery takes courage and a lot of consideration.

It is your body after all, so naturally you will want to feel that you are in the safe hands of someone who is highly respected and qualified in the field of Plastic surgery or Cosmetic Surgery as it is more commonly known. When it comes to quality care and ethical practices coupled with experience and the very best medical skills available we feel that we can meet all of your surgery requirements. Here at Persian beauty Clinic, we provide the best cosmetic and plastic surgery price for operations in Ukraine and can put a package together which will meet your cosmetic surgery needs.
  • Our Plastic Surgeon is highly skilled, qualified and innovative.
  • Our Plastic Surgeon has many Years experience in all types of Cosmetic Surgery and reconstructive surgery.
  • Our Registered Clinics or Hospitals in Ukraine provide the highest standards of surgery and care.
  • Our philosophy is to offer good outcomes for cosmetic surgery at a reasonable cost without any compromise in quality of service.